Nosework and Tracking:We can take you from square one to advanced competition level, as well as problem solving.

Schutzhund/IPO:Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. Whether you have a puppy just starting out, or you need some fine tuning for a trial, we will get you where you want to be!

Protection: Deterrent to full engagement (depending on your dog's temperament).

​K-9: Problem solving and training in any aspect of patrol or detection, as well as cleaning your partner up for competition/certification.

Court Ordered Evaluation and Expert Witness Testimony:Jim passed voir dire in a jury trial (victorious), so he can testify as an expert witness in bite cases in El Paso County Court. We can also give a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of the dog(s) involved.

Behavioral Evaluation/Temperament Test:  Thorough testing of behavior, temperament, body sensitivity, startle response, and more. A must for those starting a daycare, or in-house dog sitters.

​​​​Obedience Training

​​Allergen Detection: At Cool K9's, we realize the fact that Hyper-Allergic reactions(anaphylaxis) are just as life-threatening as an explosive or narcotic overdose. We have decades of detection work behind us, so you can be sure that we will not certify a dog unless we know it is working well! Also, there is a good chance that we can use your existing dog! Contact us for more information. 

​Blood Sugar Detection: Anyone who is familiar with diabetes knows how critical low, or high, blood sugar levels can be.  We can train your dog to indicate low, high, or both, at predetermined levels. It is too easy to have your blood sugar reach dangerous levels while engaged in activities, such as hiking, chopping wood, etc.  Your dog will be trained to alert you when certain levels are reached, giving you an extra safety, and more time to take appropriate measures to regain homeostasis.

PTSD/ESD/Autism:  Dogs trained to work with those dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Emotional Support Dogs continue to show their efficacy in mitigating these disorders, thus improving quality of life, and accelerating recovery rates.  Cool K9's have trained numerous dogs for these individuals, and the results are wonderfully successful!  The same can be said about dogs trained to work with Autistic individuals.  Call us for more information!

Mobility/Stability: For those who need extra balance, assistance climbing stairs, etc., we can provide training for you and your dog to work as a team, and make life much easier, and safer, for you.

Our training methods are based on "Positive Reinforcement" (i.e. training with treats/toys/praise).  The rationale behind our method of training is that it is unfair to correct a dog when he does not know what he is supposed to do.  We teach you how to work with your dog's inherent "drives" (i.e. food, play, prey), and use them for obedience, rather than struggling against and trying to modify "who" your dog is instinctively. This type of approach has produced extraordinary success in achieving greater reliability and enthusiasm for the work!Service Dog certification Therapy dog Training Dog Training Classes Dog Behavior Training service Dogs for Diabetics IPO Service Dogs for Vets Service Dogs for PTSD ​Service Dogs for emotional Support

​(Call for Pricing and availability)

Obedience: Puppy, Basic, Advanced, Competition, Schutzhund/IPO​​

Dog Training Classes (when available): 6 Weeks/1 hour week/6 dog limit  

Private Lesson: 1 Hour Individual Session

4-Pack Private lessons: Discount pricing for 4 Individual Sessions. Each session is 1 to 1-1/2 hours. *Our most popular training package!

In-Home services: Typically used for state-conditioned behaviors, like territorial aggression, or those that prefer to train in the home environment. 

Day Training: You drop off and pick up your dog, and we train him all day!

Board and Train: Leave your dog with us, and we train him for you! Includes follow-up privates to teach you how to handle your "new" dog.

Service and Therapy

Competition and Working Dogs

​​​Behavior Modification 

Service Dog Certification Therapy dog Training Dog Training Classes Dog Behavior Training service Dogs for Diabetics IPO Service Dogs for Vets Service Dogs for PTSD Service Dogs for emotional Support

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Many owners encounter some "not-so-special" behaviors from their four-legged family members. We can help you understand the "why" behind these problems, as well as the "how" to fix them.
Common problems include jumping, barking, digging, chewing, housebreaking, mouthy/biting, aggression, bolting/running away, separation anxiety/destructive behavior.  Regardless of your dog's undesirable behaviors, we can assess the situation and develop a plan to eliminate them.  We have excellent success in this area, from abused shelter dogs to hyper-aggressi
ve ones. 

Don't be frustrated one more day...give us a call, we can help!