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Jim Beinlich BA

Owner Master Trainer

Start of our second session and we are working on a focused heel. This is what dog training is all about, moving at our dogs pace. Did I mention we have 2 Rottweilers.


Come to your session with your dog hungry and full of energy! Bring treats and your dogs favorite toy

Dog Training Classes

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It's important for you to keep training at home. Remember repetition is very key to success. 


"Training for the Real World" : Off-leash voice control anytime, anywhere! We achieve this by using motivational teaching techniques, that have been proven effective over thousands of dogs. We offer dog training classes, from Puppy, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced/Competition Obedience, scentwork and tracking, service dogs for diabetics and allergen detection, dog behavior training/modification (specializing in aggression issues), service dog certification /emotional support/ therapy dog training, protection and K-9. Jim can also complete court-ordered aggression evaluations, as well as testify as an expert witness in dog-bite court cases in El Paso County. Training options available are group classes, private sessions, in-home, and board-and-train. We serve clients not only in Colorado Springs, but the entire Pike's Peak region, including Denver, Pueblo, Woodland Park, Peyton, Ellicot, and Falcon.


Though Cool K9's was founded in 2000, we began training our own dogs in the late 1980's. In 1990, we were introduced to Schutzhund, which consists of tracking, obedience, and protection, and requires off-leash control on a trial area about the size of a football field. We were hooked! From the beginning, we trained with world-class individuals, so our learning curves went vertical. Around 1997, we began seeing clients in a professional capacity, as we learned that not everyone trained the way that we do, and that there was a need for experienced, and honest, dog trainers. We utilize the knowledge that we gained from our mentors, along with our own experience, to give our clients the best individualized training possible.  Our mission is to enhance the bond between humans and their canines, as well as to teach them how to achieve competition level obedience and control, using motivational training techniques and fun!

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Be excited

Our training is focused on positive reinforcement. You need to be excited and happy.


We just had our first session this afternoon and loved it. He didn't just work with our dog, he worked with our whole family as well. Feeling very confident and excited!! Thanks!!

Bianca Beinlich

Owner Master Trainer

What to Expect

Jim Beinlich is the Owner and Master Trainer at Cool K9's Dog Training. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and 30 years of experience training dogs, with a special interest in canine behavior and the understanding, shaping and channeling of canine drives (i.e. prey, defense, etc.).  Jim enjoys working with all breeds, and in a variety of disciplines. He is a DVG certified decoy, and has had the privilege of working with numerous Military and Civilian law enforcement K-9 units, in both formal and informal seminars. 

Jim has received 5 Commander's Coins, Certificates of Appreciation from the Pueblo Police Department and Fort Carson, and special recognition from Peterson Air Force Base and the Air Force Academy for his dedication and support.

Jim is a published author, having written a column for the Colorado Springs Gazette for 4 years, and has been featured on multiple local news stations, as well as participating in several Ask a Trainer events.

Kodie Mackey 


Bianca Beinlich grew up training her own dogs for the sheer joy of training. Her interests, and skill sets, grew as she did. Now, she is able to train almost any dog to do scentwork, obedience, and often gets softer dogs started in bitework.  She has bred, trained, and titled several of her dogs, as well as training them for narcotics detection. Bianca has also trained several dogs to detect allergens, low blood sugar, and track humans. She also trains PTSD, ESD, and Mobility service dogs.