Jim Beinlich

 Founder of Cool k9s 

"Training for the Real World" 

What does that mean?  Exactly what it sounds like - innumerable sights, sounds, and smells. We teach you how to train your dog in drive. 

For example, when your dog takes off after a squirrel, that is prey drive - nothing in the world matters except getting that squirrel!  Unfortunately, that includes cars, trucks, cliffs, YOU, etc.

If your dog is trained in drive, he'll learn torespond in drive, and that is what will save your dog's life!

At Cool K9's, customer satisfaction is our highest priority.  We feel that the only way this can be accomplished is through the use of motivational training techniques, and a positive training atmosphere. 

Our hands-off teaching methods facilitate a deeper learning process for your dog; they enable them to view obedience as fun!  This, in turn, increases reliability, whether on or off-leash. 

Jim and Rocky, who was rescued from an abusive household. He now trusts people, particularly men!

Cool K9's Dog Training has been proudly serving Colorado Springs, and surrounding cities, for 30 years!!! We are currently located in Falcon, Colorado, but we continue to serve clients throughout the Pikes Peak Region ,including Colorado Springs, Peyton, Pueblo, Woodland Park, and Monument.

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Since training is fun for you as well, you'll spend more time doing it, which makes your dog happy, which makes you happy, etc.!  The end result of this cycle is not only a happy, well-mannered dog, but a self-confident one, who has a strong bond with its owner!

​​​​Do you dread being "taken for a drag" every time you walk your dog?

 Is it a wrestling match trying to keep Fido from bolting out the door whenever you open it?  Can you call him back if he does get out? 

Does he put his "stamp of approval" on the outfits of everyone he meets?  Do you want to compete in obedience, or do you just want a happy, well-mannered companion?  In any case:


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